7 Simple Balloon Ideas That Can Plus-up an at-Home Birthday Party

Birthdays are big celebrations at our house — and with kids, we find ourselves planning birthday parties all the time. Friends, family, and good food are a given, but the themes and decorations are always changing! 

Decorating with balloons is one of the favorite ways to give a birthday party more personality. It’s also a quick way to make a huge impact in a room. So, if you’re planning a child’s birthday party yourself and are short on time, we recommend spending just a few minutes on balloons.

Here are seven tips on how to throw the ultimate birthday party for your child by customizing your balloons. It’s time to get creative and put a new spin on your traditional party décor!


1. Balloon Tails

Hello, instant rainbow! I fell in love with these pastel and light blue balloon tails immediately. Simply inflate your balloons as usual and then attach the tails to the base of each one. Talk about making a huge impact with next to no effort!


2. Constellation Balloons

Shoot for the moon — even if you miss, you’ll land among these starry constellation balloons! It’s so easy to whip these up. Just inflate a handful of black foil balloons and tie a black circles balloon tail to the base of each one. Next, make the shape of a constellation using tiny dabs of glue and stick silver star confetti on top. Finally, use a silver permanent marker to connect the dots!


3. Smiling Balloon Buddies

Kids will love helping out with these friendly-faced balloons. All you have to do is inflate foil balloons and secure them with balloon tails (I used a whole bunch of different shapes and colors!) and then use glue to attach adorable googly eyes. Add the mouths with a black permanent marker.


4. Llama Balloons

Llamas are definitely having a moment right now and I'm all about it. To make these cuties, inflate latex balloons, attach each one onto a rigid balloon stick, and tie a pink circles balloon tail on each one as well.

Next, cut tissue paper ovals and decoupage one onto each balloon to be the llama’s snouts. Let dry and then use a black marker to draw on a mouth and two eyes. Cut two paper ears and glue them onto the top of each balloon, along with some paper shreds for hair.


5. Geometric Stamped Balloons

Cut up sponges into fun shapes to make these geometric patterned balloons! I grabbed a handful of makeup sponges and cut them into squares, triangles, and dots. Use these sponge stamps to apply paint onto the inflated balloons in your favorite color, add some matching balloon tails, and voilà!


6. Temporary Tattoo Balloons

Did you know that you can apply temporary tattoos to almost anything? Of course, I had to try them out on some balloons, and I simply love how they turned out! I used tropical summer and selfie celebration tattoos and applied them onto the balloons the same way you normally would onto skin. So fun!


7. Tissue Paper Balloons

These balloons remind me of stained glass, but in fun modern colors. Simply cut tissue paper into squares and decoupage them onto the bases of the balloons. Of course, I tied some matching balloon tails on to add even more color!



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