Balloon Palm Trees How To

They'll go wild for your DIY balloon palm trees!

It's amazing how simple and fun these are to make. All it takes is a handful of balloons, a balloon pump and some curling ribbon. We show you how to make the trunk by stacking trios of balloons in layers and tying them together with ribbon. Easy! Have a blast creating your own breezy tropical forest!

Atpata Funky DIY Balloon Palm Tree Decoration



  • Orange latex balloons
  • Brown latex balloons
  • Green animal twist & shape latex balloons
  • Orange curling ribbon
  • Balloon pump
  • Balloon weights or garden stakes for outdoors (optional)
  • Scissors





1) Inflate balloons

Begin by inflating your first orange balloon. We recommend using a hand pump because you'll be inflating lots of balloons. (Helium is not recommended because the tree needs to stay grounded.) Knot the tail of the balloon after inflating.


2) Tie 3 balloons together

Inflate a second balloon and tie it onto the first. Repeat with a third balloon. Yay, you've made the first layer! Make sure the three balloons in each layer are uniform in size so the tree will look even. (You'll be gradually decreasing the balloon size as you create each layer.)

3) Cut a ribbon "stem"

Cut a piece of curling ribbon that is one foot taller than you would like your final tree to be. Tie the ribbon onto your first balloon layer. You will use this ribbon to secure each layer.

4) Make another layer

Repeat Step 2 to create another layer of three balloons. As you work your way up, make each layer of balloons slightly smaller in size so the trunk looks tapered. We made about 8 layers of orange balloons, from 12" to 9" in diameter.

5) Tie on with ribbon

Each time you add a balloon layer, pull the "stem" ribbon through, wrap it tightly around the balloon center, and tie a knot to secure the layer onto the tree. Your tree is growing fast!

6) Add the coconuts

Blow up three brown balloons for the coconuts. Inflate them to a much smaller size than the orange balloons to get the right proportion.

7) Make palm fronds

Time for the twisty balloons. Fun! Fully inflate six to eight balloons all the way and knot the ends. Then place two balloons next to each other and twist the centers together.

8) Add the fronds

Holding by the joint you just created in the middle, squeeze fronds in between the coconuts. Bend and style your fronds however you like. Then pull your "stem" ribbon through and tie to secure the fronds. Almost done!

9) Add more fronds

Twist together two more twisty balloons, add to the tree and secure with your "stem" ribbon. Repeat to add as many fronds as you like, then trim off the excess ribbon. Cute!


10) Display your creations

Make two or more trees to really WOW party guests! These fab palm tree balloon columns stand up by themselves indoors. Outdoors, you can secure them with garden stakes or balloon weights (you'll need several weights for each tree). Create your own jungle of breezy balloon palm trees!

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