Lajawaab Cook Sash for The Kitchen King/Queen
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Lajawaab Cook Sash for The Kitchen King/Queen

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This Pageant Sash is a fun way to show your love to the "Lajawaab Cook". This Sash features the title in an easily readable font with Chef Emojis. Can be used to give titles to friends and family in get-togethers, birthdays, parties, weddings, etc.

  • This Pageant Sash shows the big sister how much she's loved and adds extra shine to her on wearing it.
  • Simply wear it across the shoulder and tie with the safety pin provided.
  • Measures long enough for an adult. To use for kids, simply cut it from another end to resize.
  • Made of soft and glossy Satin Fabric so that all eyes are on the person wearing the sash.

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